High level knowledge strengthens software development and improves its profitability. The utilization of external resources also provides flexibility and reactivity to the software development. With external resources, additional technology and process knowledge can be gained and multiple development programs can simultaneously be conducted.

This is important for an Organization’s competitiveness.

With our support, our customers achieve an ICT solution that:

  • meets the requirements of the operation
  • is stable and reliable
  • is flexible, scalable and the performance meets the set requirements
  • is delivered according to the agreed schedule and price
  • is executed in a controlled manner, with sufficient documentation
  • enables high-quality maintenance, support and further development
  • enables the target lifecycle for the investment

Customer specific software development is often a central part of the overall solution consisting of standard programs, program framework or components. The missing functionalities of the standard components or the alignment of these to a customer’s environment is realized through customer specific software development.

Our knowledge and services cover the entire life cycle of the solution or specific parts of the life cycle e.g. Project Management – requirements definition – definition – planning – implementation – support – further development.

Changes in the operational environment, broad partnerships and multi-vendor networks, knowledge variances and technology management require deep understanding and experience of software development and related technologies.

In the field of customer specific software development, the vendor-customer composition is often replaced by the “we” or “us”-view, where the external consultant is fully integrated with the customer’s team. This setup gives proven efficiency to the project.

This way of working requires high flexibility, personal skills and the right attitude. Besides technology, process, tool and methodology knowledge, the team members need interaction skills to create a sufficient working environment.

When the skills are on the right level, it is the attitude and will that make the difference.