Strategy and development programs act as drivers for programs and projects in an organization.

Most of the programs strive to utilize standard solutions (entirely or partially).
Tailor-made solutions are also very common in certain business areas and open source software components have become common within network integration programs and projects.

Competitiveness and advantages are gained through automation and optimization. Customer interfaces, and automated customer-management solutions are automated through utilization of technology solutions.

The continuous changes of the operational environment, broad cooperation and multi-vendor networks, knowledge differences and technology management raise the requirements of the project management services field. We meet these requirements.

We believe that a successful program or project execution is the sum of Program / Project management, methodology, business knowledge and relationship management. This requires experience.

Our Services

Our services within the fields of Program and Project management include the following:

  • Projection of Business Development into Programs and Projects
  • Project pre-work and planning: including RFI, RFP, Project management, resourcing, timing and budgeting.
  • Program and Project Management during the entire project life cycle: HR leadership and management, change management, monitoring and reporting (key measurements and deviations), quality control and stakeholder communication.
  • Project closing and implementation / ramp-up support.
  • Project audits and corrective actions guidance.

An experienced and professional Project Manager is a key player when ensuring the success of any Project.

In addition the thorough Project Management skills, our experienced Project Managers carry deep and wide insights from various business areas, organizations and ICT technologies.

Risk Management and abilities to handle challenging situations is required – both in domestic and international projects.


We are familiar with various methods in Project Management:

  • Traditional Project Management methodology
  • Iterative and Incremental Project Management methodology
  • Agile methodology (Scrum, XP)
  • PMI/PMBOK® – related Project Management methodology
  • Customer specific Project Management methodology (often based on the above methodologies, tailored for the Customer’s organization)

Our Program and Project Management References

Our Program and Project Managers have successfully carried out a wide range of various Information Technology Projects.

The duration of projects has varied from shorter tasks to large, international projects of several years.

The largest Programs we have conducted have contained hundreds of thousands of man hours, in multiple countries with demanding international environments.


Examples of Projects conducted:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project Management within various business areas: telecom, finance, industry, sales and services
  • Projects based on standard solutions  (e.g. SAP, Oracle eBS, IFS, Scala) or field specific solutions (e.g. CCBS, ABS, ELS, JDA) or tailor made solutions
  • Solutions for Network and Customer Service
  • Solutions supporting various features and functions, e.g. customer management, HR management, financial administration, databases and reporting
  • System and infrastructure standardization and migration projects.