The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for improving the operations of an organization is growing. One strategic measure related to the success of the organization is the utilization of the ICT tools and solutions. Are the solutions and usage optimized?

Operational development, competitive improvement and efforts to gain competitive advantages through ICT solutions are strategic building blocks in almost all fields of business today, increasingly over traditional operational borders.

The ability to understand the opportunities and possibilities of today’s modern ICT solutions, and the skills of finding and utilizing the suitable solution makes the difference. We carry these abilities and skill sets.

Our Services

Our core services related to Business and Operational Development focus on the following areas:

  • Business cases, operational Cost-Benefit analysis
  • Conceptualization
  • Process development and mapping
  • Pre-studies and need assessments
  • Requirement management
  • Business specific architecture
  • Integration to enable changes
  • Service management, integration and compliance
  • Service operations and improvements
  • Transforming the above (including the objectives) into a successful ICT project
  • Program development, management and leadership

We offer expertise e.g. within the following fields:

  • Financial network services and solutions
  • E-business and multi-channel solution development
  • Network Operation Development, and multi-channel solutions
  • Self-service Solution Development
  • Operational Management
  • Case and Content Management

As an example, the consulting tasks within the e-business field are often including the below activities:

  • Market and Competition Analysis (SWOT)
  • Customer and Segment Research
  • Stakeholder and Partner Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Operational Processes and Changes
  • Service Channels (multi-channel environments)
  • Business Models and Business Cases
  • Dashboards
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Personnel and knowledge
  • Potentials of ICT infrastructures

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