A flexible solution is designed to adapt the changes in its environment. This will extend its life cycle and enhance the cost effectiveness of the solution.
Implementation of adaptive solutions will also positively effect the business by increased reaction velocity and bring competitiveness as well as advantages to a corporation.
The main purposes of system architecture is complexity management and ensuring that the required system features are realized.
The more complex the system is, the more essential is the architecture. The architecture is considered as the foundation of any information system solution.

Our Services

Our Architecture services focus on the following areas:

  • Corporate Architecture
  • Integration Architecture
  • System Architecture
  • Application and Solution Architecture

The services often include the following (based on the Customer needs):

  • Preparation: audits and pre-studies, product and technology evaluations
  • Design: architecture design / formalizing
  • Implementation: implementation of the architecture / ramp-up, product and technology pilots
  • Implementation of the architecture as part of the software development
  • Monitoring: architecture audits and extended solution development

Technology convergence has enabled new opportunities to innovatively combine different solutions and technologies. This gives possibilities to utilize standard solutions and components to build cost effective system entities that are tailored to the user demands and requirements.

In order to gain the required system features, deep technology knowledge is of high-value. System durability is reached by compiling the right parts to the right setup. The operation requires skills and experience. Our Architecture Consultants are highly professional system architects that carry strong proven track records of successful and complex programs.